Engineering and manufacturing

As an expert in refrigeration and air conditioning technologies, we manufacture components, subassemblies, and complete units for numerous HVAC manufacturers and engineer turnkey solutions for end customers as per their specifications and requirements



Beyond the manufacturing of its regular range of HVAC equipment, Kaltra team is dedicated to developing tailored HVAC products and turnkey solutions for OEM partners and end customers. As a long-term, reliable partner with numerous successful projects, we offer a whole host of relevant services from consulting and engineering through to the implementation, certification, and mass production.

OEM products

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), engineering company and systems designer, Kaltra has extensive experience and profound expertise and developed valuable partnerships with other HVAC manufacturers over the years. We engineer and manufacture a broad spectrum of HVAC equipment, including components, subassemblies, and end products, for many market majors:

  • Air-cooled, free cooling and water-cooled chillers based on all types of compressors and suitable for use with a wide range of refrigerants

  • Precision air conditioning units

  • Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers

  • Condensing units

  • Specialized, scalable IT cooling solutions

  • Evaporative cooling systems

  • Microchannel heat exchangers

  • Axial and radial fans

  • Subassemblies and components for HVAC equipment

Designed as per customer requirements and specifications, our HVAC equipment manufactured to the highest degree of workmanship in terms of design, fabrication, assembly quality, and cost efficiency - from prototype units to trial batches to mass production.

Kaltra is committed to creating high-value partnerships with OEM partners by providing a comprehensive product portfolio and cooperation models that embrace a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration products.

HVAC facility engineering

As a developer of a whole host of HVAC equipment and systems, Kaltra can accompany its customers from the early design phase until project completion. With highly experienced engineers, we have an ability to engineer the complete cooling plants and facilities of any size and complexity, as well as to design and manufacture individually tailored cooling equipment. We develop solutions in full compliance with international standards, regulations, and building codes.


The key features of cooling solution engineering are the analysis, study, and design developed by a dedicated professional team. Close interaction with customer results in a perfect optimization of the final design for the further handling of the system. Services provided by Kaltra include preparation of conceptual, schematic and mechanical designs, performing energy analysis, CFD analysis, documentation, specifications, cost estimation, and life cycle analysis. For our customers, we design and service the following types of solutions:

  • ​Chilled water production plants

  • District cooling and heating plants

  • Pumping stations

  • Water treatment facilities

  • Water purification facilities

  • Pressure boosting systems

  • Air conditioning systems

  • IT cooling solutions

  • Ventilation systems

  • Building management systems (BMS)


Thanks to the share of technical solutions developed throughout various projects, this combination of crucial skills provides us with a unique position to supply completely advanced cooling solutions. The above skills allow the manufacturing of cooling solutions to the highest level of reliability and efficiency, integrating the latest technologies and innovations.

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Kaltra Innovativtechnik GmbH

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Kaltra is a customer-focused developer and supplier of reliable, energy efficient thermal management equipment and solutions.


From the professionalism of our research and development engineers to the wide experience of our service team, we are dedicated to delivering you the best service possible.

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