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Kaltra has a long track record in working with some of the leading companies in the world. We contract with numerous industries, and with extensive knowledge within each industry, we deliver a top class performance to our clients.



Industries are different and have different customer, technical and service requirements. Customer requirements for cooling solutions vary by industry, some companies will place greater emphasis on system reliability, while others seek energy efficiency.

Kaltra has field experience in air conditioning, refrigeration, cooling and heating solutions for many different industries and has learned to understand the differences and specifications. We keep pace with customer's expectations while driving technological innovations.

IT / data centers

Data centers need high availability of cooling to meet 100% uptime requirements. An interruption of cooling in the data center leads to loss of data and physical hardware failures.


Cooling equipment and systems engineered by Kaltra are complied with highest data center industry requirements and quality standards and offer the highest level of energy efficiency.


Continuous cooling is critical for operations of telecom providers. As digital communications grow, resulting in reliable infrastructure becoming key assets for telecom providers.

Designed for year-round cooling of data centers, remote sites, and telecom base stations, our equipment can be adapted according to the individual customer's needs and ensure high efficiency and low running costs.


If a semiconductor production facility loses cooling even for a second, production losses are enormous. Wafers are processed in the conditioned environment and processing equipment is sensitive, uses expensive tooling and must operate within stringent climate conditions.

Even a second of downtime can be very expensive. Prevention of production stops and thus high availability of equipment is crucial for the commercial success of a wafer processing plant. Cooling problems are therefore simply unacceptable in the semiconductor industry.

Process industries

The process industry depends on stable, fully controlled process conditions to make the process run smoothly. If the process is interrupted because of a cooling failure, the financial damages are high, but this can also cause a safety risk to the environment.

If, for example, the temperature in a chemical, steel production or polymerization process changes, the product will not be in conformity with the specification. Not only is the actual process is wasted, it will also take a long time for equipment maintenance and make a clean restart. Our equipment and products guarantee a stable cooling supply and prevent scrap, rejects, downtime, loss of productive hours, etc.

Continuous manufacturing

Continuous production is a flow production method used to manufacture, produce, or process materials without interruption. Production equipment is often highly sensitive to environmental conditions and continuous cooling supply.


Prevention of production stops and thus high availability of equipment is crucial for the commercial success of a 24/7 production facility. Kaltra offers a wide range of thermal and chilled water supply solutions for ensuring continuity and safety of manufacturing processes.

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Kaltra is a customer-focused developer and supplier of reliable, energy efficient thermal management equipment and solutions.


From the professionalism of our research and development engineers to the wide experience of our service team, we are dedicated to delivering you the best service possible.

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