Lambda CWU

Chilled water precision air conditioning units for mission-critical applications with accurate thermal control and high energy efficiency



Precision air conditioners impressive in performance and technology

Designed especially for mission-critical applications, Lambda CWU precision air conditioning system provides accurate thermal and humidity control and air filtration.


Lambda lineup includes three performance grades with a wide variety of redundancy options and management features, thus permits tailor-made cooling solutions suitable for applications such as data center whitespaces, telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, production sites and process plants.

Microchannel heat exchangers

Lambda units based on newly developed all-aluminium microchannel heat exchangers with an advanced design that combines high-performance flat tubes, state-of-the-art airside fins, and ultra low-pressure drop headers. The tubes have numerous miniports that enhance fluidside performance, while the airside achieves closer approach temperatures and, in combination with doubled area A-shaped heat exchanger design, reduces airside pressure drops drastically.


The end result is incredibly low fan power consumption: the maximum EER is 84.2, while the lineup’s average EER is 64.4 (for 7/12°C water). Compared to old-style fin/tube designs, microchannel heat exchangers helps to achieve up to 40% higher efficiency, reduce weight by approx. 50% and use less coolant volume.

Enhanced heat transfer

The geometry of microchannel heat exchangers permits the installation of evaporators with double heat transfer surface compared to convenient precision air conditioners with the same footprint.


Larger heat exchanger surface leads to much higher energy efficiency based on lower airside pressure drops and reduced fan power consumption.

 Lambda CWU family of precision air conditioners takes full advantage of microchannel evaporators and offer an ultimate energy efficiency not found in any other air conditioning systems.


During the design process, special attention has been paid to air distribution on the coil surface. An accurate airflow analysis by CFD simulation has been performed to achieve the best aerodynamics possible, maximum airflow efficiency, and the lowest possible noise emissions level.

Chilled water circuit


Lambda's fluid circuit equipped with smart balancing system based on continuous pressure drop measurements on return and bypass lines.

Depending on these measurements, the unit control system adjusts two-way valves and maintains necessary cooling media flow through the cooling coils, thus avoiding manual fluid circuit balancing.

Automatic balancing system fits ideally with variable-flow chilled water systems. Fluid circuit with a 3-way regulating valve for constant flow chilled water systems available as an option.

Advanced EC fans


New radial fans with unique blade geometry offer more airflow by smaller size and wide efficiency range, quiet operation and reduced weight.

In combination with EC-motors with integrated control functionality, communication interface, and overtemperature protection, these fans provide unbeatable energy efficiency.

Lambda CWU features underfloor fan compartment which allows free radial air distribution, thus improving fan efficiency.

Frame and assembly

Extensive use of aluminuim components in Lambda CWU design makes its construction lightweight, yet durable. Special attention had been paid to Lambda’s enclosure airtightness to prevent leaks and maximize airside efficiency.


The unit enclosure has been engineered with an emphasis on specific data center infrastructure requirements, and as a result, Lambda CWU units can be easily integrated in the data center whitespace. Detachable facing panels allows easy and quick access to unit internals for check and maintenance procedures.

Lambda CWU lineup offers three performance grades to design cooling solutions with increased focus either on energy efficiency, higher performance, or balance of both.


In addition to a wide range of options, this gives our customers the flexibility to design tailor-made solutions, matching increasingly complex requirements as closely as possible.





Up to 84.2

Fan type

Radial EC-driven

Heat exchangers


Humidity control


Air filtration


BMS connectivity


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Chilled water precision air conditioners intended for mission-critical applications and featuring microchannel heat exchangers for improved output and energy efficiency

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