Powerstream Turbo

Superior energy efficiency, highest stability, and environment safety are the hallmarks of these water-cooled chillers which are best suited for mission-critical cooling applications



Perfect choice for tight thermal control

Exceptionally efficient water cooled chiller range offering a wide range of cooling capacities and standard accessories, including economizers.


Powerstream Turbo combines ultra-efficient and quiet oil-free centrifugal compressors and the latest shell-and-tube condenser technology to lift full and part load efficiencies. These water-cooled chillers are available with R1234ze, a refrigerant with a low global warming potential.

  • Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressors

  • Economizers to boost output and efficiency

  • Green cooling with R1234ze refrigerant

  • Excellent at full and partial loads

  • ESEER up to 10.50

  • Proven reliability

Features and advantages

A vast range of Powerstream Turbo models and options provides flexibility, tailor made to customer requirements permitting truly efficient cooling solutions for every application. Powerstream Turbo has been designed for all year-round mission-critical service. In a 24/7 world, ensuring facilities stay up and running is critical, therefore special attention has been paid to control and monitor functionality, and ensuring operational reliability and ease of maintenance.


Due to its excellent efficiency under part-load conditions, Powerstream Turbo is an excellent economic solution for applications where the heat load is not constant and/or expected to increase. The synergy of modern technology, efficiency and reliability enable Powerstream Turbo to be used in the most demanding applications.

Design and components

Powerstream Turbo chillers are assembled from premium quality, high-performance components, making it the most reliable choice for every application, be it high-availability data center, process cooling, or air conditioning.


Save up to 25% in operating costs*

Turbocor compressors offer the outstanding energy savings from digitally controlled, frictionless two-stage centrifugal compression and guarantees significant reductions in operating cost and environmental emissions associated with energy production.


The oil-free design of Turbocor compressors eliminates the potential for efficiency-robbing oil contamination and all of the oil management accessories: oil heaters, oil pumps, oil separators, oil filters, plus oil disposal.


Compressor soft-start draws only two amps and reduces mechanical stress, as well as the electrodynamic stresses on the power cables and electrical distribution network, extending the overall lifespan of the system.


* compared to leading competitor screw chiller over an annual running in Nuremberg, Germany


Excellent for part load conditions

Optimized for HFC and HFO refrigerants

Allows high evaporation temperatures


The design of the Powerstream Turbo evaporators provides optimum system efficiency at both full and partial load operation.


The tubes in flooded evaporators are fully immersed in liquid refrigerant and enable a lower approach temperature between the refrigerant temperature in its shell and chilled water temperature in the tubes to be achieved when compared to other types of evaporators. With flooded evaporators,  compressors operate at higher saturated evaporation temperatures and generate increased cooling capacities with the same power input.


The control software of Powerstream Turbo chillers maintains the level of refrigerant which is adequate for chilled water tubes to be constantly immersed, thus utilizing the full potential of the flooded evaporator even under part load conditions.


Turbocor compressors use two-stage centrifugal compression technology: the first-stage impeller raises the pressure of the refrigerant vapor halfway from the suction pressure to the condenser pressure, and the second-stage impeller raises the pressure the rest of the way. This allows using an interstage economizer, which provides advantages of capacity and efficiency improvements of up to 10% as a result of further subcooling of the liquid refrigerant.


Powerstream chiller offers two types of economizer arrangements: subcooler (standard for compressors with an economizer port) or flash tank (by request).


Optimized for HFC and HFO refrigerants

Enhanced performance

Ease of maintenance

Powerstream Turbo features newly developed shell-and-tube condensers optimized for HFC and HFO refrigerants to provide the best efficiency. With high-performance tubes, new baffle design and shell, these condensers provide maximum efficiency with a low cost per kW, as well as reduced length and reduced weight compared with competitive solutions. Waterflow within condensers are optimized to reduce the risk of fouling and erosion.


Standard are 2 pass condensers, 4 pass condensers available as an option.


Intelligent, centralized chilled water plant control

The control hub of Powerstream chillers is a sophisticated controller with advanced software developed for efficient operation of water-cooled chillers. It manages and optimizes the chiller’s performance, giving complete control over the system for the plant operator.


Control software can be directly linked to the existing building management system. Integration with a BMS permits the collection and analysis of operating data of chilled water plant and helps to maintain optimal equipment settings, savings in energy, identification of trouble-prone areas, provision of maintenance schedules and the generation of safety and security alarms.


For the efficient operation of multiple units on a single chilled water plant, the sequencing software permits interlinked operation of the complete system, thus providing optimal temperature control and minimal energy consumption.

Green R1234ze solution


The proposed phase-down of HFC refrigerants has prompted an assessment of alternative fluids for a wide range of applications, including medium-temperature water-cooled chillers.


Recently developed R1234ze refrigerant features low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential and meets EU regulatory requirements for reducing the use of high global warming potential (GWP) substances. At the same time, R1234ze almost exactly matches the efficiency of R134a.


With R1234ze, Powerstream Turbo provides the environmental leadership while achieving the best energy performance levels for applications.

Compressor management system

Powerstream Turbo’s advanced control software ensures the optimum efficiency across the whole operating range of the chiller and guarantees the chiller to work within the safe limits.

To achieve the best possible efficiency for multi-compressor chillers, compressor management software constantly monitors the actual cooling demand and selects the most efficient combination of the compressors to match. The software regulates optimum rotation speed and compression ratio, positions the inlet guide vanes and controls bypass valves.

We recommend using Bora or Mistral series dry coolers with Powerstream chillers. These dry coolers are optimized for use in combination with water-cooled chillers, offer high performance and enable low water temperature difference.

Dry cooler selection

Bora series

The Bora series is well-suited for urban locations due to their low sound emission, as well as for high-polluted areas and coastal installation due to the high corrosion resistance of microchannel heat exchangers used in the unit design. For the installations in hot climate zones, we recommend Bora dry coolers with evaporative pads. When applied to HVAC and industrial systems, evaporative dry coolers provide extended operating range and compressor horsepower savings of up to 30 percent compared with traditional systems.

Mistral series

Mistral series dry coolers equipped with finned tube heat exchangers with internally grooved copper tubes and are ideal for any kind of industrial and commercial applications. These dry coolers are extremely robust, simple by design and perfect in the specification.


Cooling capacity



Up to 6.40


Up to 10.50









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