Lightstream Freecool



Environment-friendly R1234ze chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors

May 12, 2016


The Lightstream Turbo chiller family has been designed with attention to every detail to maximize its reliability. It is ideally suited to the requirements of mission-critical applications like data centers, telecom facilities and clean rooms, and in every area where reliability is a key factor.


Due to its excellent efficiency at part-load conditions, Lighstream Turbo chiller is a brilliant economy solution for applications where the heat load is not constant or expected to increase.


Lightstream Turbo chillers feature a number of advantages:


  • Class A energy efficiency with EER up to 3.76

  • Compact and lightweight two-staged centrifugal oil-free compressors with built-in variable frequency drive deliver high efficiency at full load and extraordinarily high efficiency at part-load conditions. Lightstream Turbo operates with low-GWP R1234ze refrigerant which takes the environmental leadership while achieving the best energy performance levels.

  • New intelligent fan system consisting of the profiled, sickle-shaped axial fans, multifunctional air guide vanes, and diffusers - provides maximum flexibility, lowest possible sound emission and highest energy efficiency

  • All-aluminium microchannel condensing coils allows a number of advantages to be achieved, including low airside pressure drops, higher heat transfer rate, and closer approach temperatures

  • Flooded evaporators enables to operate at the higher saturated evaporating temperature when compared to many others types of evaporators and allows a higher cooling capacity to be achieved with correspondingly higher efficiency

  • Utilising low ambient air temperatures with freecooling coil


Lightstream Turbo chillers lineup includes 20 models with 280-1350kW capacities and a vast array of options and accessories.

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