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Advanced microchannel technology for HVAC and industrial process

September 26, 2016

The HVAC&R and industrial process industries are making a transition to brazed aluminium heat exchangers. This is evidenced by the wide use of microchannel condensers by major HVAC&R manufacturers and many smaller OEMs manufacturing cooling and heating equipment. The trend is driven by the higher cost of copper, significant energy efficiency improvements, need for smaller footprints, and conversion to low-GWP, ozone-friendly refrigerants.

Alcoil is a premier developer and manufacturer of brazed aluminium heat exchangers for HVAC&R and industrial process industries. With advanced microchannel technology, Alcoil heat exchangers reveal a higher performance, reduced size and display features and capabilities not found in traditional fin/tube heat exchangers. Alcoil’s focus is on demanding HVAC&R design conditions, offering application flexibility and a longer life.

Alcoil’s microchannel condensers and evaporators outperform traditional fin/tube heat exchangers for a number of reasons. Alcoil uses multi-port thin extrusion known as a microchannel tube. These tubes are combined with high-performancelouvered fins, headers, fittings, and sub-components, all integrally brazed together using aluminum alloys.

The integral brazing of the high-performance fins, combined with the low profile flat tubes, provide both higher performance and lower airside pressure drops. Microchannel tubes have a very high heat transfer surface area and performance characteristics. This means features and capabilities not found in traditional fin/tube heat exchanger products.

Alcoil offers the most innovative and advanced HVAC&R coil in the industry. Alcoil's refrigeration condenser, evaporator, and heat pump designs are optimized for a wide variety of refrigerants, including newly developed hydrofluoroolefin based (HFO) reduced GWP refrigerants. It is maximized for energy efficiency and/or compact footprint, depending upon the application objectives.

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