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Microchannel technology for data center and IT cooling

January 27, 2017

Microchannel coil technology represents a major leap to a new industry standard in data centers cooling and critical mission systems. Alcoil, a leading microchannel technology specialist, manufactures a state-of-the-art, ultra-green technology that is compact, reliable, lightweight, and at lower cost for critical cooling applications, yet provides high energy efficiency.


Alcoil’s microchannel technology is the highest performance air coil possible. PUE in the 1.03 to 1.10 range is achievable through close approach temperatures and airside system design. This is possible due to the microchannel tube technology, combined with a high-performance fin, both optimized for the application.


Compared to traditional fin/tube technologies, Alcoil technology represents:


  • Up to 40% less weight

  • Up to 30% lower airside pressure drop

  • Up to 50% lower fluid side pressure drop

  • Up to 50% thinner for cabinet space

  • Up to 60% less refrigerant or fluid charge

  • Sustainable thermal performance

  • Ease of use and installation


Application range


In data center and mission-critical systems, Alcoil microchannel coils can be applied as:


  • Refrigerant-cooled coils (evaporators, both DX and pumped loop)

  • Cooling coils (glycol or water)

  • Freecooling coils (glycol, water or refrigerants)

  • Condensers (compressorized, pumped loop and thermosiphon)

  • Makeup air coils (dehumidification, cooling, and heat recovery)

  • Replacement coils (drop-in fin/tube replacement)


Ultra-green technology


Recycle-able aluminum is just the beginning. Alcoil microchannel technology also uses today’s refrigerants and can be used with tomorrow’s refrigerants and fluids which have lower global warming potential and lower ozone depletion. This makes Alcoil permanently green for the long run while using less refrigerant charge.


Market acceptance


Alcoil technology is used by a large number of high-profile companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Microsoft, Parker, Evapco, BAC and many others.



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