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Kaltra chillers benefit from the new highly efficient air cooled condensers

June 27, 2017


Boosted by the success in the automotive industry, microchannel technology is now used in air conditioning and refrigeration applications and enables a number of distinct advantages for HVAC manufacturers and customers, including superior heat transfer performance, low airside pressure drop, reduced unit dimensions, less refrigerant charge, reduced weight and much more. At the same time, the designs of the microchannel heat exchanger have not changed significantly and were lacking in terms of the latest HVAC applications requirements.


We took into account those HVAC requirements when worked on a new generation of microchannel heat exchangers. We revised the design of inlet and outlet manifolds to achieve a uniform refrigerant distribution, improve heat transfer characteristics, and avoid critical charge issues while increasing the microchannel tube wall thickness to guarantee a longer life cycle.


As the result, our new microchannel heat exchangers reveal a significant improvement in the overall performance of air-cooled condensers, both in terms of efficiency and capacity.


The new condensers used in Kaltra air-cooled chillers are a perfect example which demonstrates all the advantages of the new microchannel heat exchangers: with the same coil face size they deliver 25% higher capacity while condensing temperatures are reduced by 4K, and the result is a higher efficiency of compressors. Due to the low airside pressure drop, fan speeds can be increased to gain an even higher condenser capacity, and the number of condenser modules may be reduced, thus making the equipment more compact and cost-effective.


This new technology gives Kaltra customers an opportunity to use the equipment in a versatile way and perfectly fulfill both energy efficiency and cooling demand requirements.



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