Air-cooled scroll chillers

10% higher efficiency for Ultracompact II chiller family

Family of Ultracompact II chillers with air-cooled condensers received latest-generation scroll compressors and now offered with lower GWP refrigerants R32, R452b, and R454b. Combined with this, operation efficiency has been lifted by 6% for chillers running on R410a and by 10% for those running on lower GWP gases.

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Air-cooled condenser

Kaltra extends its range of air-cooled condensers with Bora XL

Model Bora XL air-cooled condensers, designed for outdoor applications, provide an efficient and practical solution to the selection of condensing equipment. These condensers feature an innovative design aiming to increase the performance and energy efficiency to meet today’s industrial and commercial refrigeration’s stringent needs.

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Variable-speed chillers

Kaltra brings variable-speed compressors to Easystream II chillers

This month Kaltra has upgraded its Easystream II water chillers with the addition of new models running on inverter-driven scroll compressors. The new models, Easystream II Inverter, deliver up to 10% better COP and up to a 5% increase in ESEER within the same footprint and weight.

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