Lightstream Screw II Inverter air-cooled chiller

Efficiency step up for variable speed chillers

Kaltra has officially launched the Lightstream Screw II Inverter chiller lineup, its next generation of air-cooled chillers, now compliant with Ecodesign Tier-2 requirements.

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Air-cooled chiller

First installation of Lightstream Screw II low-GWP chiller lands in Latvia

In the last week of April, the first new-generation Lightstream Screw II chiller pre-ordered in end-January has been delivered to the customer in Riga, Latvia.

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Compact precision air conditioner

Future-proof and compact: new precision cooling units

Following current trends in telecom and IT cooling, Kaltra has announced Compact CW – chilled water cooling units in an ultra-compact design with enclosure depth as small as 490mm. The range includes 5 enclosure sizes, from 585 to 1885mm, delivering cooling capacities from 5 to 65kW.

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