Microchannel evaporator

Optimized microchannel evaporator design boosts efficiency

The company’s research center completes work on the streamlined microchannel evaporator design that displays amplified performance under partial load conditions. Evaporator’s outlet manifold was subjected to optimization to achieve optimum refrigerant distribution between multiport tubes.

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Industrial dry cooler

Dry cooler selection: what do you need to know?


Dry coolers are heat rejection devices used to cool down process liquids such as water, glycols, oils by forced dissipation of heat energy to the atmosphere. In contrast to wet cooling towers, dry coolers are closed-circuit systems, involving no direct contact between air and process fluid.

Dry coolers can be used as stand-alone fluid coolers or as a part of an air conditioning or refrigeration system to cool fluids in intermediate heat exchangers, water chillers’ evaporators, and for many other purposes.

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Chiller sequence management

Kaltra introduces built-in sequence management for its 2nd generation chillers

Following numerous performance improvements and enhancing functionality implemented in the latest version of control software installed on second-generation chillers, Kaltra adds sequence management as an option available for air-cooled models equipped with scroll, screw, and Turbocor-based chillers, as well as for chiller versions with free cooling.

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