Replacement coil

A quick guide to OEM replacement coils


Microchannel coils have become a mainstay in the HVAC industry for most air-cooled chillers and other air conditioning equipment. Aluminum microchannel heat exchangers (often abbreviated as MCHE or MCHX) offer a line of advantages for both manufacturers and end-users:

  • Reduced refrigerant footprint: internal volume of a microchannel condenser is about up to 60% smaller compared to a finned pack coil with copper tubes of the same capacity.
  • High corrosion resistance contributes to longer coil service life.
  • Lower required fan power draw as air pressure resistance of MCHE coils is low.
  • As a cheaper material, aluminum help keep condenser costs down.
  • Low weight.

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Industrial dry cooler

Biomass power plant cooling with dry coolers

In power plants, the largest water consumers are cooling systems, as a large amount of heat must be removed to condense the steam used to drive turbine generators. Historically, cooling was provided by water sources – rivers and lakes, but nowadays, more and more power plants use dry cooling systems that use little to no water. These systems have higher capital costs but use more than 95% less water than wet cooling systems.

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