Cooling plant

Kaltra has added heat recovery to the latest generation of its air-cooled chillers

Production of domestic hot water is now possible with Kaltra’s last-generation air-cooled chillers fitted with desuperheaters, including ranges with scroll and screw compressors. Optimized-flow heat exchanger installed in between compressors and condenser coils and acting as a desuperheater offer heating duty of up to 30% of chiller’s cooling capacity in hot water supply temperature range from 30°C to 60°C.

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Air-cooled chiller

Free cooling modules to integrate with air-cooled chillers

With the start of the free cooling season, Kaltra has announced the availability of scalable free cooling modules that can be paired with its air-cooled chillers, including the Lightstream Screw II models with inverter-driven and fixed-speed screw compressors and Lightstream Scroll II series chillers.

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Microchannel coil

Microchannel coils: your best choice for propane applications

Propane (R290) is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon used successfully in industrial refrigeration for many years received attention from designers, contractors, operators, and retailers to reduce greenhouse emissions. An indication of the increasing acceptance of propane is its adoption by many key customers from large supermarket and shopping mall chains to franchise food stores and minimarts at gas stations throughout the world. The latest trend in this market segment is adopting microchannel heat exchangers – condensers and evaporators.

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