Refrigerated container cooling

Microchannel coils for trailer and reefer container applications

Recently, Kaltra developed special series of microchannel condenser coils tailored for the most challenging refrigeration applications in reliability – refrigerated containers and trailers.

Aluminum alloys, surface treatments and thickness of tube walls of these coils have all been specially sourced for application to contribute to system reliability and extended lifespan.

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Water-cooled inverter chiller

Kaltra steps up with Powerstream II inverter chillers on R1234ze

The portfolio of Kaltra’s cooling equipment is now extended with Powerstream II water-cooled chillers driven by inverter screw compressors and running on R1234ze: a solution that is both environmentally safe and highly energy efficient. A lineup of 12 models covers nominal cooling duties from 400 to 1250kW.

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