Microchannel water coils

Brazed aluminium microchannel water coils for chilled water and heating coil applications. Suitable for water, glycols, and special fluids.


Groundbreaking heat transfer performance

Microchannel heat exchangers can be configured for high efficient chilled water coils for air conditioning and process cooling. Microchannel chilled water coils available for water, glycols and special fluids like hydraulic oils.


Water coil design incorporates vertical tubes that enhance heat transfer, ensure predictable performance and low pressure drop. Owing to the ultra-low pressure drop in the headers, our water coils perform perfectly in any demanding applications.


In comparison to other microchannel designs, our chilled water coils feature increased tube wall thickness, thus ensuring reliable operation and long lifespan. The coil itself is a robust frame that provides airtight flush mounting, thereby eliminating unnecessary components.

Features and advantages

End users and OEMs can benefit from a number of advantages:

  • High heat transfer performance

  • Low weight, reduced by 50% when compared to traditional coils

  • Extremely low airside pressure drops

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Robust design

Design and applications

Our microchannel water coils are multi-purpose heat exchangers designed for air-to-water applications, chilled water coils, free cooling coils, dry coolers, heating coils, pumped loop evaporators, gas cooling and heating, and for special applications.


Microchannel water coils feature full flow pass-through and have application versatility in medium to high water flow rate applications. Designed with low-pressure drop microchannel tubes, these coils offer high performance, while rated at 20 bar working pressure.


Flexibility and variable dimensions are tailored to OEM customer requirements using MCHE selection software. Custom and standard sizes are available from as small as 100x100mm to over 4800x2000mm with a wide capacities range and flow rates up to 225l/min.


All microchannel water coils have options for aluminium or copper connections of different types for piping, fit-up, and easy packaging. All connection options are available using MCHE selection software.

Product selection software

MCHE selection software includes condenser, evaporator, heat pump, and water coils making it a complete selection and calculation tool for refrigeration professionals. The software provides selections for microchannel heat exchangers which enables the user to select the best-suited product based on several deciding parameters such as heat exchanger application, cooling capacity, refrigerant, evaporation and condensation temperature, airflow and air temperature and other critical variables in refrigeration systems.






Tube width


Fin type


Fin pitch


Design pressure

20 bar



Protective coatings


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