Sales report

Kaltra pleased with its performance in FY22 Q2

Kaltra, the leading provider of HVAC equipment and microchannel heat exchangers, today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2022 and increased its year-earnings outlook.

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Financial results Q1 2022

Kaltra has reported strong sales in Q1, with heat exchangers up over 20%

In Q1 2022, microchannel heat exchanger sales in North America increased at a good pace, mainly attributable to a new market strategy that included the implementation of effective sales processes, policies and procedures that have a direct bearing on the company’s sales. In Europe, sales figures grew 10% in January-March over the corresponding period of the previous quarter.

Overall, net sales for the Kaltra group were up 8%, with sales acceleration in March relative to their rate one year ago.

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Serpentine heat exchanger

Strong demand for compact microchannel coils triggered production capacity expansion at Kaltra

Due to the high and constantly growing market demand for compact microchannel coils, Kaltra expands its manufacturing capabilities of serpentine heat exchangers by installing new tube bending machines and assembly lines equipped with semi-automatic core builders, fin mills and fin inserting machines.

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Core builder for microchannel heat exchangers

Kaltra further expands its manufacturing capacity

To address the growing number of orders for microchannel heat exchangers that come last quarters and in response to the increased sophistication and complexity of our customers’ requirements, Kaltra reinforces its manufacturing capabilities by investing in additional production machinery.

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Financial results Q3 2021

Kaltra’s business performance demonstrated resilience in Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, Kaltra sales were up 12% versus Q2 on a reported basis. Q3 solid performance drives guidance upgrade to around 27% business growth in 2021.

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Financial results Q2 2021

Kaltra reports unexampled Q2 2021 results

According to the latest company data, extensive sales growth observed in preceding quarters continued in Q2 2021, totaling 23% year-on-year and by 11% quarter-on-quarter.

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Financial report Q1 2021

Kaltra delivers a strong finish to Q1 2021

Entering the first quarter, the company recorded double-digit growth rates across its biggest markets in Europe. This is the result of a great team effort by all of our employees. Despite the adverse economic climate, we still used the year to make Kaltra a better company.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra updated chillers to comply with ErP 2021

This week Kaltra completed the modernization for all its chiller families for compliance with Tier-2 Ecodesign Directive requirements that have come into force from January 2021.

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Production plant

Kaltra 2020 sales is +33%, with production up ~30%

The 2020 production was above previous guidance, averaged at +33% of the company’s and its affiliates’ results in 2019, and setting the momentum for 2021 – amidst strong macro-economic headwinds. The company also recorded its highest-ever Q4 production, registering a 40% year-over-year growth for Q4.

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CAB furnace

Kaltra expands manufacturing capabilities

Responding to the increase in demand for microchannel heat exchangers for HVAC applications, Kaltra expands production capacity at its S-1 plant by installing the additional automatic core builders, fin rolling machines, and helium leak detection systems. This significant injection allows Kaltra to increase the annual production of microchannel coils by 20%.

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Sales report

Kaltra registered record sales in Q3 2020

Kaltra has announced a record sales increase of 25% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year, despite the negative events of the year 2020.

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Chillventa 2020

Kaltra to participate in Chillventa 2020 trade fair

Kaltra continues to develop its environment-friendly refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, microchannel heat exchangers – together with all related services for our esteemed customers.

This year Kaltra is participating in the world-famous Chillventa 2020. The forum has long been widely known to all specialists in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and our customers. During the pandemic, when personal communications in business are limited, the exhibition is held in a virtual format, but it continues to be a platform where we can present our latest developments and technologies, show our reliability and growing potential, become closer to our customers.

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Product selection software

Kaltra updates selection software for its products

The latest update of KaltraSELECT selection software allows customers to calculate the performance data for all Kaltra products, including chillers, air-cooled condensers, air conditioners, and dry coolers. With this, Kaltra offers flexible tools for users to select appropriate products and systems.

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Microchannel heat exchanger manufacturing plant

Kaltra chases market growth, strengthens regional presence in France and Italy

Facing rapidly growing interest and sales in the region, Kaltra expands its regional support for microchannel heat exchangers in France and Italy. Services in the area primarily focused on OEM customers and include engineering support, warehousing, and aftersales.

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Cooling plant

Kaltra improves terms for heat exchanger supplies

At Kaltra, the importance of top-notch service has always been seen as essential in the delivery of components. Kaltra’s forward-focused strategic approach, which always led to a successful relationship with our customers right in the early stages, ensures our competitive advantages in the long run and a key to our successful businesses. In the framework of this strategy, Kaltra continually strives to improve its service to customers.

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Altmunster office

Kaltra is relocating its activities in Austria to Altmunster

As of January 31st, the main office of Kaltra in Austria will move to a new location in the city of Altmünster, which offers a better infrastructure to assist local customers. Kaltra has been highly active in Austria and surrounding regions since 2017 and expects significant business growth in the next couple of years.

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Vienna office

Kaltra establishing its presence in Austria

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our business with the launch of our Austrian office, located in Vienna. In line with Kaltra’s growth in the Austrian market, the Vienna office strengthens our positions with a focus on expanding regional presence.

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Kaltra office UK/Ireland

Kaltra opens branch to serve its customers in the UK and Ireland

In response to growing customer interest and following its plan to step up the regional expansion, Kaltra, a world-known developer and supplier of air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration products and systems, is proud to announce the opening of independent, strategically vital entity to serve its customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Manufacturing plant

Kaltra accelerates growth with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Slovenia

Kaltra is proud to announce the opening of a brand-new manufacturing plant in Slovenia. The facility consists of 4000 square meters of manufacturing space, a test lab, and offices. Approximately 30 employees will work in the new location initially and it is expected to grow to around 80 within the next two years.

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Evaporative cooling solutions

Kaltra expands its business in the segment of evaporative cooling

In line with its growth strategy, air conditioning and refrigeration specialist company Kaltra is laying the organizational foundations for further business diversification and market expansion. In addition to its existing core business areas, Kaltra has now also started in the evaporative cooling sector with its newly introduced product lines.

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