Modular precision air conditioner

Kaltra introduces modular precision air conditioners

Lambda CW II is the result of an extensive R&D process, with Kaltra utilizing microchannel coil technology to give new ranges their own unique properties for precision cooling.

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Altmunster office

Kaltra is relocating its activities in Austria to Altmunster

As of January 31st, the main office of Kaltra in Austria will move to a new location in the city of Altmünster, which offers a better infrastructure to assist local customers. Kaltra has been highly active in Austria and surrounding regions since 2017 and expects significant business growth in the next couple of years.

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R32 scroll chiller

Kaltra launches a range of scroll chillers optimized for lower GWP refrigerant R32

Kaltra extends the portfolio of low-GWP chillers with the launch of Lightstream Scroll range based on its Versa platform and operating on refrigerant R32. Lineup’s capacity ranges from 300 to 1100kW at nominal conditions and demonstrates the same high level of efficiency as previously introduced R452b-based models.

Lightstream Scroll R32 available with the same extensive set of hydronic options, free cooling circuit, safety options, low-noise models, and control software functionality as found in existing Lightstream Scroll chillers running on refrigerants R410a and R452b.

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Precision air conditioner

Kaltra updates its range of Delta DX precision air conditioning units

This week Kaltra announced the updated range of its mainstream Delta DX precision air conditioners.

New models received the scroll compressors with latest control electronics and recent-generation radial EC fans with Modbus control.

The capacity range has been extended with unit models in the 5-15kW range (equipped with rotary compressors), as well as with top models delivering 125-150kW of cooling.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra extends the capacity of its flagship free cooling chiller range

Kaltra has extended the capacity range of its Lightstream Freecool inverter chiller to 1800kW of refrigeration. Lightstream Freecool chiller lineup was introduced in 2017, initially with a capacity range of 450 to 1200kW.

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Vienna office

Kaltra establishing its presence in Austria

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our business with the launch of our Austrian office, located in Vienna. In line with Kaltra’s growth in the Austrian market, the Vienna office strengthens our positions with a focus on expanding regional presence.

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Bora XL dry cooler

Kaltra expands its dry cooler portfolio with Bora XL range

This week, Kaltra announced its next range of dry coolers based on recently engineered Versa platform. Versa is a shared set of innovative engineering, major components, and production efforts over a number of the distinct, full-size chillercondenser, and dry cooler ranges. Kaltra’s equipment based on Versa platform characterized by high flexibility, significantly lower manufacturing costs, and enables easy customization and adaptation to the customer-specific application and requirements.

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Bora XL condenser

Kaltra offers high-performance condensers of Bora XL range

The XL range is a further development of Bora series air-cooled condensers which offer to the customers consistently high performance combined with reduced footprint and low refrigerant charge. Bora XL condensers have been designed to use with both traditional and low-GWP refrigerants, including R134a, R410a, R452b, R513a, R449a and more. The range includes models in the nominal capacity range from 150 to 1850 kW with two available sound level versions: standard low noise and extra low noise.

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R452b scroll chiller

Air-cooled chillers with R452b now available

Following the debut of its water-cooled chillers running on refrigerant R452b this March, Kaltra announces an air-cooled range of chillers with scroll compressors using this low-GWP refrigerant.

Lightstream Scroll R452b chillers will be available in the capacity range from 260 to 1000kW and may be fitted with the highly efficient free cooling system. Other options include partial heat recovery with a desuperheater or full heat recovery, making these chillers a multi-purpose solution for simultaneous, year-round production of chilled and hot water.

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Water-cooled chiller

R452b chillers added to Kaltra portfolio

Kaltra is now offering low-GWP refrigerant R452b across its Easystream-M range of modular water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors – an environment-friendly alternative to R410a gas with a GWP value as low as 675. R452b is a zeotropic HFO/HFC blend classified as a mildly flammable refrigerant (A2L ASHRAE safety class) which delivers an optimal balance of performance, safety, and compatibility to replace R410a and outperforms other R410a alternatives.

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Scroll chiller

Kaltra adds air-cooled version to its Easystream chiller range

Kaltra, a leading manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, has announced the commercial launch of scroll chillers that expands an existing lineup of condenserless and water-cooled models with air-cooled version.

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Kaltra office UK/Ireland

Kaltra opens branch to serve its customers in the UK and Ireland

In response to growing customer interest and following its plan to step up the regional expansion, Kaltra, a world-known developer and supplier of air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration products and systems, is proud to announce the opening of independent, strategically vital entity to serve its customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Air-cooled condenser

Low-charge air-cooled condensers for use with low-GWP refrigerants

Kaltra is now taking one step further by introducing the new flatbed, low-charge air-cooled condensers for use with low-GWP refrigerants, including R449a, R454a, and R454c.

To meet market requirements to reduce global warming potential and increase the energy efficiency of cooling equipment, Kaltra has engineered a new line of air-cooled condensers with market-leading features at reasonable initial and running costs.

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Variable-speed water-cooled chiller

Kaltra extends the range of water-cooled chillers with inverter models and adds R513a

Kaltra is delighted to make an exciting new addition to their chiller portfolio – Powerstream Screw Inverter family of water-cooled chillers.

The chillers feature fixed-speed screw compressor combined with an inverter-driven one.  The unit starts with the inverter compressor; when the cooling demand exceeds its capacity, the second compressor starts up at full speed to ensure the best possible efficiency. Capacity regulation is carried out by the inverter-driven compressor.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra modernizes Ultracompact II chiller to add a new free cooling system

Following the market success of Ultracompact II, Kaltra modernized its free cooling version. The revised free cooling system now includes double-regulating valves and a 3-way mixing valve for precise water temperature control in free cooling operation.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra R513a chillers now available

Following the recent announcement of its first R513a-compatible chiller range, Kaltra has revealed the availability of its Lightstream Freecool inverter-driven chillers with refrigerant R513a in addition to regular R134a and low-GWP R1234ze.

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Turbocor centrifugal chiller

Kaltra extends its Powerstream Turbo range with high-capacity models

In response to the rising demand for high-end, energy-efficient cooling solutions, Kaltra has expanded its flagship lineup of Turbocor-based chillers. So far, the customers have been able to pick from the models with the capacity range of up to 1800kW. For increased requirements, Kaltra has added 5- and 6-compressor models to Powerstream Turbo chiller family making it suitable for large commercial and industrial cooling applications with up to 4600kW cooling power per chiller unit. With an ESEER value as high as 10.50 and new control software which optimizes the performance of multi-compressor units, Powerstream Turbo chillers meet the highest demands for energy efficiency at any operating condition.

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Inverter chiller

Kaltra announces a new, broad screw chiller range

This week Kaltra announced its new chiller family designed with screw compressors, a successor of well-known Lightstream Screw range.

With different screw compressors, inverter-driven and fixed-speed, Kaltra launched its widest chiller lineup which includes R134a and R1234ze models, 160 in total. Units with R513a refrigerant are available by request. New Lightstream Screw V chillers cover all applications in the capacity range from 200 to 3600kW. In addition to process cooling and air conditioning tasks, the new screw chillers are addressed for mission-critical applications where the reliability and precise temperature control are the crucial factors.

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Unit cooler

Kaltra starts the production of Tramontana unit coolers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik starts production of its Tramontana unit coolers with a capacity range of up to 60kW. Tramontana units stand out based on consistent performance, wide selection of optional components to tailor the solution to the customers’ requirements, and low installation and maintenance cost.

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Manufacturing plant

Kaltra accelerates growth with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Slovenia

Kaltra is proud to announce the opening of a brand-new manufacturing plant in Slovenia. The facility consists of 4000 square meters of manufacturing space, a test lab, and offices. Approximately 30 employees will work in the new location initially and it is expected to grow to around 80 within the next two years.

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EVAPCO acquires Alcoil to create EVAPCO Alcoil, Inc.

EVAPCO Inc., an industry leading manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications, announced today that it has acquired Alcoil USA LLC , a York, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and manufactures micro-channel heat exchangers.

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Evaporative dry coolers

Kaltra extends its portfolio with evaporative condensers and dry coolers

With the development of evaporative air-cooled condensers and dry coolers, Kaltra sets new standards in the field of efficient and environmentally safe cooling.

The power saving potential of the new units is based on the evaporative cooling principle, in which the air temperature drops when the air takes up water by transforming it from liquid to vapor.

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Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra reveals the new Ultracompact II product line

As a part of its long-term product development roadmap, Kaltra Innovativtechnik introduces the next generation of its Ultracompact product line. This series covers the cooling duty range between 50 and 300kW with capacity increases of 25kW and provides total or partial heat recovery in compact machine design and suitable for air-cooled applications across many industries.

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In-row cooling unit

Kaltra announces the second generation of in-row cooling units with a 50% capacity increase

Among other innovations, Kaltra launches the second generation of its high-capacity in-row cooling solution designed for high power density data centers. With the cooling capacity of 141kW, Lambda In-Row is able to replace up to 4 typical in-row cooling units, saving expensive data center space for server racks.

Lambda In-Row has a new microchannel evaporator combined in V-form with a 41m² total heat transfer surface. With these evaporators, the cooling capacity of the new units increases from 90 kW to 141kW (for water temperatures of 15/21°C and inlet air temperature of 40°C).  A special type of manifolds for microchannel heat exchangers provide a uniform water distribution, and at the same time keeps low waterside pressure drop.

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Microchannel evaporator

Alcoil receives U.S. and international patents for microchannel evaporator design

Alcoil announces the issuance of US Patent No. 9,459,057 and European Patent EP 2 948 725, which relates to an improved and advanced refrigerant evaporator design. The patented technology is used as an air-to-refrigerant microchannel heat exchanger to cool air or reject heat in residential, commercial or industrial evaporators and heat pump systems.

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Turbocor chiller

Lightstream Turbo chiller range extended with highly efficient models

Trending Turbocor-based chiller family by Kaltra has been extended with highly efficient models with extra condenser banks, which enable lower condensing temperatures and 15% higher energy efficiency rates (EER) compared to standard Lightstream Turbo models, as well as reduced noise emission level.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra announces the new Lightstream Freecool chiller family

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a German-based provider of innovative thermal management technologies and advanced cooling equipment, is excited to announce the launch of the new lineup of freecooling chillers based on frequency-controlled compact screw compressors and microchannel technology adopted for both condensing and freecooling coils.

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Plant room chiller

Kaltra unveils its new family of packaged chillers

German chiller manufacturer, Kaltra Innovativtechnik, is set to showcase its new Easystream family of air- and water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors in March 2017.

New chillers are intended for either indoor or outdoor installation. The series covers the capacity range starting from 40kW and up to 480kW with cooling densities of up to 220kW/m². When used with Mistral condensers/dry coolers, Easystream allows for installation in populated urban areas and anywhere where low noise pollution is a crucial factor.

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Variable-speed chiller

Kaltra to announce the updated Lightstream Screw air-cooled chiller family

Kaltra is excited to announce the launch of the updated lineup of Lighstream Screw chillers based on fixed-speed or inverter-driven compact screw compressors, which have been improved to perform efficiently and optimally under every climatic condition.

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Compact scroll chillers

Kaltra debut a range of updated compact scroll chillers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik begins marketing and selling updated Ultracompact air-cooled chillers. Each chiller model in the Ultracompact range features an aluminium frame and paneling with a 10-year corrosion resistance warranty.

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Air-cooled condenser

Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers for refrigeration and industrial process

Mistral is the next generation of table-type air-cooled condensers and dry coolers that cover cooling capacities from 5kW up to 1500kW and intended for use with standard refrigerants, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.

One of the cornerstones of Mistral condensers/dry coolers range is the new high efficient heat exchangers with up to 6kW/l performance and reduced refrigerant charge.

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Air-cooled condenser

New air-cooled condensers with microchannel coils and high-performance EC fans

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a Germany-based cooling specialist, today has released the new CNM Series air-cooled condensers intended for use with various HFC and HFO refrigerants. Thank microchannel condenser coils, introduced condensers have a 25% smaller footprint and 20% less weight in comparison to the previous generation. New condensers are equipped with high-performance fans with EC motors as a standard.

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Precision air conditioner

New direct expansion air conditioners with microchannel evaporators

Following the launch of super-efficient Lambda DX precision air conditioning systems, Kaltra has released the new family of compact air conditioners intended for data center and IT cooling applications using elevated return air temperatures.

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Precision air conditioner

Kaltra launches new range of high-efficient precision air conditioners

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a Germany-based provider of innovative thermal management technologies and advanced cooling equipment, today released the Lambda DX/DXU family of feature-rich, high-end direct expansion (DX) precision air conditioners with innovative microchannel evaporators and dual refrigerant circuit amongst many of its features.

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Server rack cooling door

Kaltra launches high-efficiency rack cooling door solution to target data center hotspots

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a Germany-based cooling specialist, has launched its chilled water rack-based cooling solution intended for use in high-density data center applications. The development of the In-Rack solution is in response to growing demand for high-density cooling solutions from the data center sector for energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions.

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Evaporative fluid cooler

New fluid coolers to be available in Q4 2016

Jumbo Cooler fluid coolers are intended for cooling process water in industrial, commercial, and free cooling applications, and features the benefits of evaporative cooling with water recirculation, thus minimizing energy and water consumption and offer increasing free cooling hours.

Jumbo Cooler units are equipped with evaporative pads wetted via the water distribution system to pre-cool the air before passing through the heat exchanger coils. This increases the amount of heat the air can extract from the coil and, in turn, increases the cooling capacity of the unit.

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Microchannel coil

The most advanced microchannel technology comes to Europe

Alcoil, York, PA, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, heat pump and water coil applications, and Kaltra, a developer and manufacturer of innovative cooling solutions, announced a new broad partnership.

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Turbocor chiller

Environment-friendly R1234ze chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors

The Lightstream Turbo chiller family has been designed with attention to every detail to maximize operational reliability. It is ideally suited to the requirements of mission-critical applications like data centers, telecom facilities and clean rooms, and in every area where reliability is a crucial factor.

Due to its excellent efficiency at part-load conditions, the Lighstream Turbo chiller is a brilliant economy solution for applications where the heat load is not constant or expected to increase.

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Evaporative cooling solutions

Kaltra expands its business in the segment of evaporative cooling

In line with its growth strategy, air conditioning and refrigeration specialist company Kaltra is laying the organizational foundations for further business diversification and market expansion. In addition to its existing core business areas, Kaltra has now also started in the evaporative cooling sector with its newly introduced product lines.

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Technical support

Kaltra launched a 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany

Kaltra launched a 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany, aiming to provide comprehensive and improved technical support.

Moving its services to address more businesses and markets and further strengthening their support, Kaltra, a Germany-based HVAC specialist that delivers innovative products to consumers and businesses, announces a new 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany, aimed to provide improved support for partners and customers.

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