Chiller sequencer

Sequence management for chiller plants

When it comes to chilled water plant optimization, the control strategy based on management of individual water chillers is not an optimum approach to achieve the best results in terms of energy efficiency.

Individual control of the water chillers with common pipework will cause unnecessary cycling of compressors and associated excessive power consumption as a response to changes in cooling demand; consequently, compressor cycling will lead to unstable return water temperature and increased wear of compressors.

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In-row cooling unit

Kaltra announces the second generation of in-row cooling units with a 50% capacity increase

Among other innovations, Kaltra launches the second generation of its high-capacity in-row cooling solution designed for high power density data centers. With the cooling capacity of 141kW, Lambda In-Row is able to replace up to 4 typical in-row cooling units, saving expensive data center space for server racks.

Lambda In-Row has a new microchannel evaporator combined in V-form with a 41m² total heat transfer surface. With these evaporators, the cooling capacity of the new units increases from 90 kW to 141kW (for water temperatures of 15/21°C and inlet air temperature of 40°C).  A special type of manifolds for microchannel heat exchangers provide a uniform water distribution, and at the same time keeps low waterside pressure drop.

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