Air-cooled chiller

First Ultracompact-V II chillers delivered for the world’s leading manufacturer of sapphire products

In May 2023, Kaltra delivered its first Ultracompact-V II chillers, recently upgraded for higher operating efficiency with new control software, twin-slab condenser coils, and high-efficiency packages (optional). These improvements aimed at increasing both cooling capacity and seasonal energy efficiency by 10% and 15%, respectively, compared to the previous generation of Ultracompact-V chillers.

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Microchannel evaporator

Refrigerant distribution optimization for microchannel evaporators

Microchannel evaporators are being increasingly used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, since they aid in reducing refrigerant charge, enhancing heat transfer performance, lowering tube-side pressure drop, and reducing system size. However, as with other types of evaporators, microchannel evaporators face the issue of refrigerant maldistribution. This phenomenon leads to unequal superheated vapor at tube exits and prevents optimum utilization of the heat exchanger surface.

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Sales report

Kaltra pleased with its performance in FY22 Q2

Kaltra, the leading provider of HVAC equipment and microchannel heat exchangers, today reported financial results for the second quarter of 2022 and increased its year-earnings outlook.

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Financial results Q2 2021

Kaltra reports record sales in the first quarter of 2023

Kaltra has reported a record first quarter with net sales increase of 89% over Q1 2022 and 45% over the previous quarter. Excluding the impact of currency and acquisitions, organic sales increased by 87%. Despite a significant rise in energy costs, Kaltra has delivered sequential sales growth during the past ten quarters.

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Replacement coil

Reduced prices for replacement coils for seasonal peak

Cooling season 2023 in the Global North is about to start, and chiller owners and facility operators conduct seasonal maintenance. As is often the case, various issues are detected, including leaks or other damages beyond repair in condenser coils.

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Industrial dry cooler

Kaltra updates its Mistral series dry coolers

The Mistral series is the most popular range of dry coolers offered by Kaltra that includes flat and V-shaped models with finned-pack copper-aluminum coils and capacities of up to 3MW in dry operation.

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Microchannel evaporator

Microchannel evaporators: a study for efficiency optimization

Microchannel evaporators provide several advantages over traditional coils, the most important of which are high heat transfer rates and low internal volume, and have been widely studied with a focus on refrigerant distribution and condensate behavior. The present study reviews the impacts of refrigerant charge quantity and arrangement of refrigerant inlets and outlets on evaporator performance.

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Powerstream Turbo II chiller

Kaltra offers reengineered Turbocor-based chillers

With the launch of Powerstream Turbo II water-cooled chillers this month, Kaltra extends and improves its portfolio for IT- and process cooling applications. In terms of energy efficiency, new chillers are a step ahead of mainstream units available on the market, far exceeding seasonal efficiency levels of EcoDesign 2021 specification.

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Precision air conditioner

Modernized Delta DX/DXi II range to be presented in February

The portfolio of most demanded direct expansion precision air conditioners is to be modernized in February 2023 and receive the latest generation scroll compressors with inverter drives (ranging in cooling capacity 30-140kW) and fixed-speed (35-135kW), new, compact enclosures, high-speed PLC controllers, and finned-pack or microchannel evaporators (for single-circuit units with capacity up to 75kW).

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MCHE production

Kaltra reported 2022 full-year financial performance

Kaltra GmbH and its subsidiaries (“Kaltra”) announced fiscal net revenue up 15% from the prior-year period and 4% above the previously provided outlook. This demonstrates a solid end to the fiscal year despite navigating a volatile macro-environment and softening demand in the second half.

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