Precision air conditioner

Modernized Delta DX/DXi II range to be presented in February

The portfolio of most demanded direct expansion precision air conditioners is to be modernized in February 2023 and receive the latest generation scroll compressors with inverter drives (ranging in cooling capacity 30-140kW) and fixed-speed (35-135kW), new, compact enclosures, high-speed PLC controllers, and finned-pack or microchannel evaporators (for single-circuit units with capacity up to 75kW).

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MCHE production

Kaltra reported 2022 full-year financial performance

Kaltra GmbH and its subsidiaries (“Kaltra”) announced fiscal net revenue up 15% from the prior-year period and 4% above the previously provided outlook. This demonstrates a solid end to the fiscal year despite navigating a volatile macro-environment and softening demand in the second half.

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