Variable-speed chiller

Kaltra’s advanced cooling solutions help realize massive power savings

At the Sanofi/France production site, the original chilled water plant functioned as initially intended, but a steady decline in energy performance and sharp increases in maintenance costs of the plant equipment were experienced by the customer. Prior to starting the upgrade project of the plant, the owners made the decision to invest by using technology giving the highest return over the lifecycle of the equipment.

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Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra screw chillers serve four-star hotel in Malaga, Spain

In the last week of 2017, Kaltra Innovativtechnik completed installation and commissioning work on the chiller replacements for a four-star luxury hotel located in Malaga, Spain.

The customer experienced inadequate comfort air conditioning from the existing air-cooled chillers and escalating operating costs. The hotel operator called on Kaltra for a replacement to reduce energy consumption, improve the reliable, smooth and quiet operation of the system.

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Unit cooler

Kaltra starts the production of Tramontana unit coolers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik starts production of its Tramontana unit coolers with a capacity range of up to 60kW. Tramontana units stand out based on consistent performance, wide selection of optional components to tailor the solution to the customers’ requirements, and low installation and maintenance cost.

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