Screw chiller

Capacity control for screw-compressor chillers

Capacity control is in high demand for many cooling systems where cooling loads are not constant, and adjusting the system’s capacity to meet the prevailing load is essential for optimum efficiency. Efficiency primarily depends on compressor suction and discharge pressures, with the influence of secondary factors like useful and non-useful superheat and subcooling. As the screw compressor unloads, its suction pressure lowers (at the fixed condensing temperature), and efficiency decreases. Capacity control mechanisms allow maintaining the desired suction pressure by adjusting the refrigerant flow through the compressor.

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Microchannel heat exchanger manufacturing plant

Kaltra chases market growth, strengthens regional presence in France and Italy

Facing rapidly growing interest and sales in the region, Kaltra expands its regional support for microchannel heat exchangers in France and Italy. Services in the area primarily focused on OEM customers and include engineering support, warehousing, and aftersales.

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R452b scroll chiller

Kaltra adds R454b models to two of its chiller lineups

Cognizant of its environmental stewardship and responsibility, Kaltra advances with low global warming potential solutions for chillers, now releasing R454b versions of its scroll compressor-based models.

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