Chiller with microchannel condenser coils

Microchannel condenser coil replacement project

This month, Kaltra announced the completion of a service project for the replacement of condenser coils for the chilled water production plant of a Tier-III data center in Munich, Germany. More than 120 original heat exchangers reaching the end of service life have been replaced with Kaltra coils providing a long lifespan and additional corrosion protection.

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Precision air conditioner

Kaltra acquaints customers with updated Lambda DX precision air conditioning units

Lambda DX/FGB, the latest addition to Kaltra’s IT cooling portfolio, offers flash gas bypass technology for these precision air conditioners, improving the system’s energy efficiency. With more cooling for less space, Lambda DX/FGB delivers accurate temperature and humidity control, whilst contributing to lower energy use.

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CRAC unit

Kaltra extends its range of precision air conditioners for IT cooling

Kaltra is now offering its Lambda II-M range of modular precision air conditioning units with two cooling circuits as an option to standard units, to further increase overall system redundancy to meet the highest demands for critical IT cooling applications, including colocation and hyperscale data centers.

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