Free cooling chiller

Cutting energy costs with free cooling chillers

Free Cooling Concept

Free cooling is a method of cooling by using ambient air rather than performing the refrigeration cycle with, e.g., with a chiller. Many cooling systems engaged for air conditioning or industrial cooling require chilled water throughout the year. During cold seasons, ambient air is cool enough, colder than the supply chilled water setpoint, and mechanical cooling with the chiller’s compressors can be replaced with the free cooling operation. Even in warm climates, free cooling can produce energy savings, as fan motors consume much less energy than compressors.

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Heat exchanger coating

Kaltra puts forward innovative high-tech coating to improve heat exchanger performance

Surface coatings play an important role in increasing the service life of heat exchangers and, consequently, HVAC equipment’s lifespan. Surface coatings may also positively impact heat transfer efficiency – but this potential remained unfulfilled until now.

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