Cooling plant

Kaltra intends to adopt R515b for its water chillers

The development of environmentally friendly refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is imperative to the growth of HVAC technology. The low-GWP refrigerants like R1234ze are promising candidates for replacing HFC refrigerants. However, these refrigerants are flammable. To address the flammability issue, Honeywell developed Solstice® N15, a non-flammable HFO blend.

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CAB furnace

Kaltra expands manufacturing capabilities

Responding to the increase in demand for microchannel heat exchangers for HVAC applications, Kaltra expands production capacity at its S-1 plant by installing the additional automatic core builders, fin rolling machines, and helium leak detection systems. This significant injection allows Kaltra to increase the annual production of microchannel coils by 20%.

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Rack cooling

Rack cooling for high-density IT applications

Why rack-level cooling?

Heat densities and, consequently, cooling costs rise a lot for modern data centers, making cooling efficiency the stirring topic for data center professionals.  The reason for growing heat densities is advance in IT technologies like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and growth in mobile data volumes.

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Sales report

Kaltra registered record sales in Q3 2020

Kaltra has announced a record sales increase of 25% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year, despite the negative events of the year 2020.

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