High-lift Turbocor chiller

New Lightstream Turbo II subrange benefit high-lift applications

With the continuously rising demand for cooling in hot climate regions, low-temperature process applications, and heat recovery solutions, Kaltra had busied developing chillers for high temperature lift applications. Efforts were made towards the design of Turbocor-based air-cooled chillers as the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution.

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Free cooling chiller

Kaltra updated chillers to comply with ErP 2021

This week Kaltra completed the modernization for all its chiller families for compliance with Tier-2 Ecodesign Directive requirements that have come into force from January 2021.

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R32 scroll chiller

Lower-GWP alternatives to refrigerant R410a for air-cooled chillers

Customers are increasingly moving towards air conditioning and refrigeration equipment running on lower-GWP alternatives than currently widely used refrigerant R410a.

The current restrictions, such as Europe’s F-Gas regulations, have started the phase-down of HFCs, including R410a, to slow global warming and reduce direct carbon emissions. With the start of HFCs phase-down, prices and availability of these refrigerants were significantly affected and led to a growing demand for lower-GWP alternatives.

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