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The most advanced microchannel technology comes to Europe

September 1, 2016


Alcoil, York, PA, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, heat pump and water coil applications, and Kaltra, a developer and manufacturer of innovative cooling solutions, announced a new broad partnership.

Kaltra will become a representative of Alcoil in the European HVAC&R market with Alcoil's advanced microchannel technology and products, and will offer end-user cooling solutions based on microchannel technology from Alcoil.

In recent times, the European HVAC&R industry is focused on providing high energy efficient solutions, and new partnership will allow both Alcoil and Kaltra to continue to serve the growing customer demands in high efficient solutions based on most advanced microchannel technology available today.

About Alcoil

Alcoil is a leading manufacturer of all-aluminium microchannel heat exchangers for the air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heating and process industries. Application specialties include airside condensers, evaporators, heating/cooling coils, oil coolers and industrial processes.


For more information on Alcoil and its products call +1 717 347-7500 or visit

About Kaltra

Kaltra is a provider of innovative cooling technologies and advanced cooling products for mission-critical applications, such as data centers, cleanrooms, contaminant-free areas, processing plants, and other facilities where the reliability and energy efficiency are key factors. Kaltra’s cooling equipment range includes precision cooling systems, air cooled and water cooled chillers, evaporative cooling solutions, dry coolers, and condensers.

For more information on Kaltra and its products call +49 911 715-32021
or visit

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