Inverter chiller

Kaltra announces a new, broad screw chiller range

This week Kaltra announced its new chiller family designed with screw compressors, a successor of well-known Lightstream Screw range.

With different screw compressors, inverter-driven and fixed-speed, Kaltra launched its widest chiller lineup which includes R134a and R1234ze models, 160 in total. Units with R513a refrigerant are available by request. New Lightstream Screw V chillers cover all applications in the capacity range from 200 to 3600kW. In addition to process cooling and air conditioning tasks, the new screw chillers are addressed for mission-critical applications where the reliability and precise temperature control are the crucial factors.

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Precision air conditioner

Precision air conditioning system installed for Amtech, Inc.

Significant attention is currently being paid to improving building energy efficiency and reducing of environmental impact, as required by the recent European directives. In commercial and industrial buildings, a significant part of the energy demand is related to air conditioning systems.

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Dry cooler

Kaltra supplied high-performance dry coolers to FME hospital in Mulhouse

The infrastructure of the newly inaugurated hospital in Mulhouse includes central air conditioning system which provides the cooling and heating to the building, as required. The heat rejection of the system is performed by high-efficient dry coolers with a total capacity of 2000kW, installed outside. Given the limited installation space and tight noise rejection requirements, Kaltra offered a compact solution based on Mistral dry coolers with the bottom to top airflow. Year-round operation of the air conditioning system is supported by a glycol-based coolant.

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