Air-cooled chiller R450a

Kaltra adopts R450a to screw chillers

Kaltra continues to move proactively to refrigerants with a lower global warming potential with the introduction of R450a-driven air-cooled chillers.

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Variable-speed water-cooled chiller

Kaltra extends the range of water-cooled chillers with inverter models and adds R513a

Kaltra is delighted to make an exciting new addition to their chiller portfolio – Powerstream Screw Inverter family of water-cooled chillers.

The chillers feature fixed-speed screw compressor combined with an inverter-driven one.  The unit starts with the inverter compressor; when the cooling demand exceeds its capacity, the second compressor starts up at full speed to ensure the best possible efficiency. Capacity regulation is carried out by the inverter-driven compressor.

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