Microchannel coil

Experimental investigation for microchannel heat exchangers corrosion in the coastal environments

Brazed all-aluminum microchannel coils perform superior heat transfer efficiency and capacity at the compact size compared with the conventional tube-fin heat exchangers. Another important factor of growing of microchannel heat exchanger popularity is the high corrosion resistance of aluminum, which is, however, achievable through the careful selection of aluminum alloys, surface treatments, and other protective measures.

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Air-cooled Turbocor chiller

Kaltra to modernize its air-cooled Turbocor chiller range

Kaltra, the specialist in air-conditioning and heat transfer technologies, modernized its Turbocor compressor-based chillers with air-cooled condensers and presents performance highlights of the series.

The Lightstream Turbo II series is a unique development in the field of demand-responsive chillers, specially designed for variable-load cooling and optimized for the novel lower-GWP refrigerants R1234ze and R513a.

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Remote management software

Kaltra updates remote management tool for HVAC equipment

Kaltra has launched its KaltraCONTROL mobile app, providing remote monitoring and management for HVAC equipment over the internet, using almost any mobile device. The app allows review logs produced by Kaltra equipment, receive alerts, analyze and manage energy use, interactively configure operating parameters, schedule unit operation, and more.

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