Twin-slab air-cooled condenser

Bora air-cooled condensers received enhanced heat exchangers

This week Kaltra is launching air-cooled refrigerant condensers of the Bora VS series equipped with new, twin-slab microchannel heat exchangers operating with a counterflow of refrigerant and air and arranged in 4-coil V-banks. This innovative solution was successfully adopted earlier in the second generation of Lightstream air-cooled chillers.

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Financial results Q1 2022

Kaltra has reported strong sales in Q1, with heat exchangers up over 20%

In Q1 2022, microchannel heat exchanger sales in North America increased at a good pace, mainly attributable to a new market strategy that included the implementation of effective sales processes, policies and procedures that have a direct bearing on the company’s sales. In Europe, sales figures grew 10% in January-March over the corresponding period of the previous quarter.

Overall, net sales for the Kaltra group were up 8%, with sales acceleration in March relative to their rate one year ago.

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Air-cooled chiller R290 propane

Propane-driven chillers to be added to Kaltra lineup

In Q3 2022, Kaltra’s portfolio of high-efficient air-cooled chillers will be extended with R290 (propane) models based on the Versa platform initially launched in 2019.

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