Serpentine coils

Aluminium serpentine heat exchangers in condenser and evaporator designs for portable cooling solutions, electronics cooling, laser and medical applications, and much more



Proven and efficient cooling solution for portable applications

Serpentine coils are unique aluminium heat exchangers consist of low profile microchannel tube bent into a serpentine shape, enhanced louvered fins, and connection pipes integrally brazed together using high-grade aluminium alloys.

Features and advantages

For 20 to 3000 watts of heat rejection or cooling, these serpentine heat exchangers are the smallest and most versatile heat exchangers in the industry for refrigerant condensers, evaporators, and other cooling applications.


Based on the most advanced microchannel technology, each coil is designed to deliver maximum heat transfer, reliability, and easy packaging.


Our serpentine coils can be used with R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a and many other refrigerants as condensers in compressorized and pumped loop refrigerant systems and can be configured as evaporators for non-condensing cooling applications. Coil orientation, whether vertical, horizontal/flat, stationary or in constant motion, has no effect on overall performance due to the single tube, serpentine design.

Serpentine coil models have ¼ inch aluminum/copper connections or optional ¼” copper connections, optional mounting methods, and a full range of sizes from 25mm to over 450mm, rated for 32 and 45 bar operating pressures or higher.

The refrigeration capacity of serpentine coils may vary from 20 watts to over 3000 watts.


Serpentine coils are ideal for:


  • Electronics cooling

  • Medical applications

  • Laser cooling

  • Military applications

  • Rack-mounted cooling systems

  • Portable cooling solutions

  • Beverage and ice-making applications

  • Fractional horsepower equipment

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