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Kaltra extends its Powerstream Turbo range with high-capacity models

June 15, 2018


In response to the rising demand for high-end, energy-efficient cooling solutions, Kaltra has expanded its flagship lineup of Turbocor-based chillers. So far, the customers have been able to pick from the models with the capacity range of up to 1800kW. For increased requirements, Kaltra has added 5- and 6-compressor models to Powerstream Turbo chiller family making it suitable for large commercial and industrial cooling applications with up to 4600kW cooling power per chiller unit. With an ESEER value as high as 10.50 and new control software which optimizes the performance of multi-compressor units, Powerstream Turbo chillers meet the highest demands for energy efficiency at any operating condition.


Powerstream Turbo chillers are designed to work with R134a, as well as with recently introduced low-GWP refrigerant R1234ze which belongs to the A2L flammability category. In addition to using HFO refrigerant, the range employs the most efficient flooded-type evaporators and condensers available on the market. The new chillers are compliant with applicable EU Ecodesign Regulations under the Energy-related Products (ErP) framework Directive 2009/125/EC.


The new chiller family includes 126 models varying by capacity and refrigerant type. The units are available in basic and silenced versions and offered with a wide array of accessories and options.


To further lift the efficiency, Kaltra recommends using Powerstream Turbo in conjunction with the newest Bora evaporative dry coolers which enable low condenser water temperatures for the chillers.


Kaltra is known for its innovative cooling products, including highly efficient chillers, dry coolers and condensers, evaporative cooling solutions, precision air conditioners, and microchannel heat exchangers. All Kaltra products are engineered with the clear objective of improving the energy efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership. From the professionalism of research and development team to the extensive experience of the service technicians, Kaltra is dedicated to delivering the best air conditioning and refrigeration solutions to the customers.


For more information on Kaltra and its products call +49 911 715-32021 or visit


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