Chiller with microchannel condenser coils

Microchannel condenser coil replacement project

This month, Kaltra announced the completion of a service project for the replacement of condenser coils for the chilled water production plant of a Tier-III data center in Munich, Germany. More than 120 original heat exchangers reaching the end of service life have been replaced with Kaltra coils providing a long lifespan and additional corrosion protection.

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Microchannel coil

Charging microchannel coils

Microchannel coils are here to stay. Their use is rapidly spreading to a variety of HVAC applications. Microchannel heat exchangers are stronger, lighter, offer higher heat transfer compared to other types of air-to-refrigerant coils. They are smaller in size and also in internal volume, resulting in a refrigerant charge that is significantly reduced.

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Cooling plant

Kaltra improves terms for heat exchanger supplies

At Kaltra, the importance of top-notch service has always been seen as essential in the delivery of components. Kaltra’s forward-focused strategic approach, which always led to a successful relationship with our customers right in the early stages, ensures our competitive advantages in the long run and a key to our successful businesses. In the framework of this strategy, Kaltra continually strives to improve its service to customers.

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Cooling plant

Essential chiller maintenance checklist

Every chiller or chiller plant should be, for the most part, relatively self-reliant. Yet like all heavy machinery, regular preventive maintenance can improve performance, prevent breakdowns, and extend the service life of the equipment. Chillers should be inspected leastwise two times a year if they are only used during the cooling seasons and four times a year in case of continuous operation.

We recommend the following procedures to keep your chiller system at peak performance and avoid unexpected shutdowns and costly downtimes. The below checklist has been compiled to help chiller plant operators conduct detailed and reliable maintenance on air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.

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E-coated microchannel coil

High-grade corrosion protection for heat exchangers

Although modern microchannel heat exchangers made from highly corrosion-resistant alloys and able to withstand any type of corrosion, be it galvanic, formicary, or other types, even without any protective coating, there are some harsh conditions under which additional treatment may extend their service life and guarantee trouble-free HVAC equipment operation.

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Microchannel heat exchanger

Kaltra offers coil replacements for condensers and water applications

When you need OEM replacement coils for your refrigeration or cooling system, Kaltra gets you covered with microchannel heat exchangers, matching or exceeding the performance of original coils.

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Air-cooled chiller

V-shaped microchannel coils for chiller applications

The efficiency of air-cooled chiller is dictated by the condensing temperature, which may be decreased with increasing heat transfer performance of the condensing coil. Microchannel heat exchangers have become popular in chiller applications due to better thermo-hydraulic characteristics in comparison to conventional finned tube heat exchanger designs. The most straightforward way to improve heat exchanger performance is to increase its face area by combining two microchannel coils in V form.

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Equipment maintenance

Predictive maintenance programme

The cost of mission-critical facility failure is huge and constantly increasing. The standard practice for most cooling facilities provides real-time management and monitoring of critical process equipment, but low tiered equipment is deemed too difficult to monitor. However, these uncontrolled equipment assets may cause a serious cooling process disturbances and loss of efficiency. The best method of equipment failure prevention is to institute a preventive maintenance program.

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Technical support

Kaltra launched a 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany

Kaltra launched a 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany, aiming to provide comprehensive and improved technical support.

Moving its services to address more businesses and markets and further strengthening their support, Kaltra, a Germany-based HVAC specialist that delivers innovative products to consumers and businesses, announces a new 24/7 hotline for its customers in Germany, aimed to provide improved support for partners and customers.

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